Saturday, 24 December 2011

Dubai - Day 5

This afternoon we went for drive out into the desert to the 'Birds of Prey Show' they have here from October to March. Today was their last show before Christmas.
They had a lot of different birds on display:

The show started with some smaller birds which they made fly over us, and move from head to head. This one came to sit both on Nathan, me and Malthe.

This was Jon, the American Bald Eagle. Pretty impressive wing span!

They made him fly and catch catch fish, he was pretty fast. He got the fish both from the water, and the "flying fish" they threw up in the air.

This little fellow had such beautiful eyes:

Then they brought out the big vultures.

Malthe got to pull a pretend rabbit along to show how fast the vulture would run to catch it!

Then we all got to pat this soft owl:

This birds name was Shorty! :)

Finally we got to do some training with some of the new birds, and both Lucas and Linnea pulled on the protective glove and got this young bird to fly to them!

It was a pretty good bird show with some really passionate people. Both the kids and us had a really good time and we learned a lot of new things about these birds of prey.

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