Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mighty Mock exam

The term is nearly over, not just in school but also at dancing. To finish it off Linnea is having her first Jazz Dance Exam next weekend, with an official examiner flown in from all the way from Australia.
It's all very serious business and Linnea and her friends have been practising and perfecting their dance for weeks and weeks. Not just the dance I might add, but what they are going to say when they enter the room and where and how they are going to stand etc.
It's very important you do everything exactly by the book; and I certainly wasn't aware of all this "dancing protocol"!

For a rookie dance mum like me, this is all a bit overwhelming. Luckily I have Nicole just next door who's got ample experience in this, and today she helped me with Linnea's hair. It has to be slicked back and in a perfect bun, and as Linnea doesn't have very thick hair this proved quite a challenge for me.
Nicole put it up using a special "hair bun", and I must say, it turned out perfect!

Today they had a 'mock exam', where they put on the whole outfit and went through the whole procedure. I took a few photos and I'll also try and put up the movie that I filmed later - because next week during the real thing, us parents are not allowed to be even outside the room and watch! It will be sealed off with curtains!
Here's Linnea with a few of her little dancing friends:

They all looked very cute in their yellow leotards and tutus and they all did a great job in their mock exam too! Hopefully it'll go just as well next week!

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eastcoastmom said...

Wow, never heard of such a thing! Our daughter have danced for years, first ballet and the hiphop, but never any exams... just the final recital at end of the year.

Hope she´ll do great!