Thursday, 15 December 2011

Festive celebrations at the Empire

Tonight we went down to the Empire Hotel & Country Club to check out this years Winter Village. We were there last year too, with Grandma and Granddad; and I must say - not much was different this year.

They had a beautiful display of decorations hanging from the roof in the big atrium, and of course a big Christmas tree.

I actually preferred last years tree (which was made out of proboscis monkey soft toys) to this years. They had made this one out of butterflies..? Not very Christmassy..?

The Winter Village itself was at the bottom of the Atrium, just like last year, and pretty much the same set-up this year too.

The kids had a great time, admiring the different decorations, icing gingerbread men, eating ice cream and dancing in the "snow" - but personally I thought they could do so much more.

They could have more activities on offer for the children, craft stations of different kinds; they could have more food and Christmassy snacks for sale; more happenings - just more. It seems a bit flat for a hotel of this standard.

I tried their gingerbread ice cream. Quite nice!

"Go Rudolf, go!"

Crazy kids:

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