Friday, 30 December 2011

Dubai - Day 11 Goodbye

Time to go home. It'll be sad to say goodbye but we've all had a fantastic time here in Dubai; and hopefully it won't be too long until we meet up again somewhere.

As Nathan is working on New Years Eve I did contemplate for a little while to actually hang back here for another few days. But then again, I think a few days of rest, peace and quiet before school starts again will actually do us all good..!

A big thank you to the Dehli Family for your great hospitality, for opening your home to us and for looking after us so well. We have had the best time, and really enjoyed exploring Dubai together with you!
Above all, thank you for your friendship, which we value very high.

Nu tar vi den!!

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Anne C. Dehli said...

Griner hver gang jeg mindes Nu tar vi den... Det har været så skønt at fejre jul med jer og opleve så meget med jer. Tak for besøget. Vi savner jer allerede.