Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Significant people

The last few weeks Lucas and his class mates have been talking about "significant people" at school. Each week they've had to choose a task off a list of different assignments, and complete that about a significant person of their choice.

For some reason Lucas wanted to start off with Tiger Woods. So the first week he made a Lego figurine looking like Tiger Woods:

The second week he wanted to do his assignment on someone who was a bit closer to home, Lance Armstrong.
He chose to dress up like his significant person this time, and wrote "In 2004, the year that I was born, Lance Armstrong won his 6th Tour de France in a row. This was an amazing achievement as he was a cancer survivor. I think Lance Armstrong is the best bike rider in the world."

This homework has also spurred on some interesting discussions around our dinner table, about significant vs famous people. The other day we somehow managed to go from Nelson Mandela, via Florence Nightingale and Gandhi to - Stevie Wonder?

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