Monday, 28 November 2011

Oh Tannenbaum!

As much as I would like the kids to have the same memories of Christmas as I do (cold, snow, darkness, Advent lights in every window etc) - theirs will be different.

I have since long accepted that, and I'm also really proud that we as a family have been able to create our own traditions as the multi-national and multi-cultural little unit we are.
This is our 5th Christmas here in the jungle, and the kids now know what it's all about, and anticipate what's coming next and are super excited about all the different steps in the preparations for Christmas.

Today we put the Christmas tree up, and it was a lovely time! Lucas and Linnea just loved looking at all the ornaments, and helping me put them on the tree. Once it was done, they both sighed and said how beautiful everything looks now!

I love our house, and I love how all my ornaments and little Santas have their own place. Most of them go back to the same spots year after year, just like at my parents house. I do have new additions every year, but I rarely switch things around too much, it's part of the tradition to me.

And even though it's hot outside, at least it goes dark at about 6pm, so I can light all my candles, turn on my 'Adventsstakar' and 'Adventsstjärnor' and pretend it's cold and snowy..!

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