Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Founders Day 2011 - Walk the Hash

Here we go again, another year of hashing accomplished and last night it was time for our annual fiesta - Founders Day.
After a short but nice little run, just up and down one (big!) hill, and a quick shower and change, we all turned in to characters from musicals to celebrate the end of this hash year at the Kota Batu Yacht Club.

Tamsin and I had got the same idea, "Snap!":

And here's me and another cool "cat", Tanya:

Mandie and Karen were rocking us:

Kim, or "Dolly" from 9-5:

The Miss Saigon girls:

Peace-out-Debra, and Yvette/Maria:

The Cabaret people (oh, and Rizzo from Grease!):

Loosely interpreting the Rocky Horror Show:

Anna and I won an award, for the "Shortest Run" - or maybe it should've been "The run that never was...", ha ha!

There was entertainment provided from Los Tres Caballeros...

... from the Chinese contingent who danced and performed a traditional song, helped by Mani Mouse with the translation...

... and also from two of the Sound of Music-girls, who sang their own version of a famous SoM-song, now called "My favourite HASH things"!

The Hashit got passed on from Smurf to Never Wrong -

- and finally we said a big thank you to the old committe, and are now looking forward to a new, fresh year of hashing!

If you are curious about other Founders Days, you can see me "Hashing in the year 2100" here, "Mardi Gras Hashing" here and finally "Hashing in the wild, wild west" here!
Now I can add last nights "Musical Hashing" to that list!

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