Saturday, 5 November 2011

Busy ballerina

Next week is International Week at JIS.
The school has informed us that during this week, whenever appropriate, lessons will be focused on international themes; and the students will be encouraged to explore the variety and complexity of other cultures. At lunchtimes, there will be different happenings, dances from around the world and a sample of international films.

On Friday it all culminates with 'International Day' - one of the more anticipated events in the school calendar and always a fantastic day.
As usual all students are encouraged to come to school in National Dress, or in costume as a famous national character. This year Lucas has decided he wants to go as a Kiwi - so I better find a gold medal for him to wear around his neck too! :)
There will be a parade as usual so I'm happy I have my camera back for that, that's always a striking happening.

Also they are hosting their first public event in the new Arts Center Auditorium this weekend - the International Week Concert.

(Poster borrowed from

Linnea is actually going to participate in this concert, as she and her little friends from the Studio Scene Dance Studio are going to perform a piece from the "Nutcracker"! Around 250 students will perform, dance and play music.

She is so, so, SO excited about this bless her!
I tried to steer her away from it after I saw the extensive rehearsal schedule - but there was no way, she wants to do it so badly so of course she should be allowed to.
Although we will have one tired little ballerina come next Sunday...

Check this out:
- Extra rehearsals on Monday (when it's no school because of Public Holiday!) 9-11.30 am.
- Rehearsals after school on Tuesday 2.15-5 pm.
- Rehearsals after school on Wednesday 2.15-3pm.
- Rehearsals after school on Thursday 2.15-5pm.
- Two concerts on Friday for the other students at school, in the morning.
- A morning concert on Saturday 8-11am for local schools.
- The big concert on Saturday night 6.30-9.30pm (which never starts on time, so will probably go on even later...)

Well, it's her first experience being part of a big production like this and it wont be her last. We have got good tickets and we are looking very much forward to it, it'll be fantastic!

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