Sunday, 13 November 2011

Donut High Tea

This afternoon the kids and I went to the Empire for a real treat - Donut High Tea!

This means you can eat as many donuts as you possibly can, and we sure did, until we nearly felt sick..! But it was just so yummy!

They had mango donuts, strawberry donuts, green tea donuts, milk chocolate donuts, Oreo donuts, mint donuts, coffee donuts, coconut donuts, kaya donuts, tiramisu donuts... you name it!

They also had ice cream donut sandwiches, the donut chocolate fountain you can see above and several savoury donut combinations.
Yes, I wasn't too sure at the beginning, but after trying a few out I must admit they worked, for the most part. The tuna salad and the egg mayo donut combos were actually nice; but the smoked salmon one wasn't really my thing and I must admit I didn't even try the "chicken-burger-donuts"...

Hard to choose...

They really had all kinds, and the display made it all look very appetizing:

Luca was dressed in style, as you should be at a fine establishment like this!

Linnea was sitting pretty too:

Sebbie and Lucas in deep conversation, about chocolate, I'm sure!

Benaal and I.

Kim and I.

After the kids had enjoyed all the donuts they could possibly eat, we had to find another way of amusing them, so the "iToys" all came out!

Jessie and Linnea amused themselves too, in their own little way!

We are already looking forward to the Festive High Tea in December! But we might just do that one without children... :)

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Thanks for the pictures. Do keep it up for upcoming events!