Thursday, 10 November 2011

Dress rehearsal

As I have mentioned earlier, this week it's all about the 'International Day Concert' and Linnea's first participation in a major production; which is also - the first ever production in the new Arts Center Auditorium.
They have rehearsed every afternoon after school this week, and today it was time for the dress rehearsal - with the orchestra, and the costumes!

I arrived just in time to watch the last few minutes of it, Linnea is just in the middle in a green dress (and a blond wig!), to the right of the prima ballerina:

I got to come backstage to pick up my little ballerina when the show was over. All I can say is "OAW"... If the Arts Center Auditorium is impressive, so is back stage! It's absolutely massive, which you'll need it to be I guess, when over 250 people are going to perform and have space to get changed etc.
Linnea looked very cute sorting her things out and getting everything ready for tomorrow and the first performances!

Of course I hope that I'll be able to get some better shots on Saturday night. We have tickets on the 3rd row, so we will be nice and close! :)

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