Saturday, 26 November 2011

Second hand surprises

Back in March, I organized a 'Bring&Buy' event - sort of a "clothes swop thing" where lots of people could sell their unwanted clothes to lots of other people who got new wardrobes for cheap!

It was such a success, especially for the "customers" who were happy to be able to shop for near-to-new clothes from well-known brands. We don't have much opportunity to shop here in Brunei you see, and the few clothes shops there are here often don't cater for bigger sizes f.e.
Of course, it was also a bonus for the sellers to make a few dollars, but the main thing that people seemed to like with it was that it was great with something happening, an event that could offer something for everybody.

So, Misuzu and I decided to do it again!
This week my house transformed once again into a little shop. We had learned a few things from last time, so it was new and improved!
We changed the labeling system for example, to individual numbers for each item; we used my iPad and a Numbers sheet to keep track of each seller's sales and finally we remembered the advantage of attaching the labels to the clothes rather than the hangers...

Once again it was a great couple of days! Lots of happy "customers" got some new clothes, shoes and bags and all the sellers made some profit.
We have now finally packed everything away again, and my house is back to normal.

Some of the sellers then donated all or some of their remaining items to charity, so it was really a win-win-win event this time!