Monday, 28 November 2011

Saint ... where?!?

Picked up a letter at the post office today. Today is the 28th of November.

This letter had been sent from the US to ... St Kitts by mistake. St Kitts?!? I had to google to find out where that even is! (West Indies).

On the 3rd of October, it had passed through there. October.

How can it take two months for a letter to make it's way to Asia from the West Indies - did it take eight extra laps around the globe or something..?

I'm also wondering - in what world does BRUNEI look like ST KITTS? (We often have letters missent to Bahrain, Dubai, Singapore (well I guess it's close) and even Dar es Salaam in Tanzania..., but at least that sounds or looks a bit the same!)

Jeez. I guess I should be happy it made it here at all!

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heffamamman said...

Vi var med om en liknande sak för snart ett år sen. Dottern skickade ett intyg från sitt universitet i Skottland till oss hemma i Finland. Först fyra månader senare kom det fram. Då var brevet stämplat med texten MISSENT TO TORTOLA British Virgin Islands. Så det brevet hade legat och solbadat vid Karibiska havet en väldigt lång tid. :) Tokigt kan det bli ibland.