Thursday, 10 November 2011

I guess it's rainy season

What a morning...
It started out with a nice, cool walk at Bukit Shabandar with my friend Kim after school drop-off. We could hear the thunder rumble in the far but managed to get out of the jungle before the rain, luckily. Because when it starts to rain, it RAINS!
Today was no exception, full on torrential downpour. So much rain it was hard to see the road in front of me when I was driving!

Just as I left Bukit Shabandar, I got a text from Nathan (who I had just thought about, since I knew Will and him were out riding, somewhere...). They were stuck in the rain at the petrol station, just where I was! Perfect timing!
I could swing in and after a bit of puzzling, we managed to get both bikes in the back of my car and could drive off. Another successful rescue mission!

It took another hour to drive Will home, and get back home, we had to drive really slowly because of the heavy, heavy rain.
It still hasn't stopped, it keeps going. Rather cosy!

I guess we are in rainy season now.

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