Sunday, 13 November 2011

The International Week Concert

Oh, I'm one proud mama today! The concert last night was beautiful and all the (250!!) performers did so well - especially our little ballerina of course!

You see, I was very, very nervous for her and was holding my breath as their music started, because at the earlier show yesterday morning she had refused to go on last minute! Bless her, I don't know if it was stage fright or what had happened, but she ended up staying at the side of the stage; all in her costume and make-up, crying...
We had a big pep talk in the afternoon and it must have worked, because when the little ballerinas entered the stage last night, there she was! *Phew*
(I just didn't want her to miss out, and then be sad about it... Especially not after all those long hours rehearsing for it...)

She did us so proud, she was so beautiful!

Other performers were f.e several choirs and soloists; the Junior Recorder Group and here, the Suzuki Violin Group:

More dancers, here they are doing "Waterfall":

The Irish Dancers were fab! There was a big group of them in all ages:

These Irish sisters, the little stars of the group, are truly amazing! They were moving so fast across the stage I hardly couldn't get them on photo!

Well done Linnea on your first big dance performance!

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