Friday, 4 November 2011

Flowers and insects

Linnea and her class mates are currently learning about flowers and insects, just like Lucas did in Year 1. During this unit they are focusing on science, but also finding out some of the similarities and differences in the natural life of the different countries they come from.

They are talking all about where flowers and insects prefer to live and grow; about how and where seeds grow; how to set up tests to discover how plants use water; how to grow lots of different things; about the life cycles of insects and about ants and bees.

As part of the International learning they are also learning about flowers and insects of the host and home countries and how climate and weather patterns affect life around the world.

They began this unit with a visit to the Rimba Plant Nursery where they all bought a plant each that they will then have the responsibility for looking after for the rest of the unit.
Here are some of the children's plants, and Linnea's of course:

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