Friday, 25 November 2011

And so it is Christmas...

Another year, another Christmas Party at the Yacht Club, and once again I had to "enjoy" it all on my own...

I'm not a big fan really of these big events at the Yacht Club. They are nice and well organized yes, but I participate for the kids' sake only, they love it! It's too many people and too chaotic for me...
But, at least, it is becoming easier and easier, now that they are big enough to look after themselves. I don't have to worry they will drown or walk off the premises or anything, plus they will find me when they need something, I can sit back and relax!

Just like last year there was lots of games. Our kids preferred to just watch this time though:

The obligatory face painting:

Christmas pinata:

Doing some colouring-in while waiting for Santa:

It was a bit of a wait, but finally someone spotted something red on a boat out by the Spit:

Yup - it was Santa alright!

Then some more waiting, and year group by year group they got to go into the library and meet Santa, and get their present.

"What do you think Elf, do we have enough gifts for all the children?!"

And before going home we enjoyed one of the JIS choirs who sang us Christmas carols; and even though it was in 28 degrees, on a beach - it definitely ignited the warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling inside!

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