Friday, 11 November 2011

International Day 2011

So today was International Day at school, one of my favourite days of the year! This year they had opted to have the Junior School Parade inside the gym, which of course was a good move considering the poor kids have sat in the scorching sun in their costumes previous years, sometimes for over an hour. An air conditioned gym seemed like a much better idea.

Only thing was, they hadn't really practised/thought through (?) the parading itself. They had a "cat walk" down the middle and parents on all three sides of it; but most classes went up and ran down the cat walk, stopped somewhere in the middle all cramped up and only faced one side...
It was really hard to see all the beautiful costumes and outfits, and even harder to get good photos.

I managed to get a few snaps though, both of our kids and their friends before, during and after the parade (Linnea wasn't in the parade as she was performing in the International Day Concert twice this morning) - and of other children with extra beautiful outfits.

We were able to take the kids home after the parade, but first we went to visit the International Food Court to grab something to eat. It's really a fab, fab day (and week) for the kids and they get to experience so many different cultures, traditions and happenings!

Here's a slide show:

Linnea hadn't been all keen during the concert though, I hope she perks up tomorrow. It seemed like the make-up of the "bad guys" during their performance had scared her a bit; or maybe it was just exhausting spending all morning (from 8 to 12 am) at the Auditorium.
Tomorrow she has one show in the morning for the local schools, and then the big one in the evening for all the parents! Can't wait!

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