Sunday, 20 November 2011

Kids Christmas Hash

Today was Kids Hash, one of the more popular ones of the year - the Christmas Run. A decorated tent, red santa hats everywhere and Christmas music on full blow; we do what we can to create atmosphere here in the jungle!
The kids got their Christmas presents from the Hash, this year a little red flashlight with the JH3 logo on it. I'm sure that will come in handy during our power cuts!
They also got some JH3 fake tattoos:

The run today was nearly as muddy as the Xmas run last year. We also had to do two fairly high log crossings, a little bit nerve wracking, but the kids did great.

The queue to see Santa wasn't that long this year, or maybe it was because we got out quite late, or because everything was happening at once instead of one thing at a time..? Anyhow...

We got to see Santa! He was really chatty, and he gave the kids some nice biscuits. Everybody happy.

So, that kicked off the Christmas celebrations for this year. On Friday it's the yearly Christmas Party at the Yacht Club - and only five more weeks until Christmas!

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