Monday, 14 November 2011

The twenty questions

The twenty birthday questions, just remembered them today a little bit late... You can read last years answers to these same questions here. Actually, many were still the same!

1. What's your name? Linnea (getting prompted) Linnea Marie Watson
2. Where do you live? Here (getting prompted again) In Brunei
3. How old are you? Six
4. Really? *Nodding*
5. Why is it good to be six? I don't know...
6. What do you like to do? Go to my friends house and play; swim at the Yacht Club
7. What do don't like? Go in the jungle because there are tigers and lions
8. Why do you have to sleep at night? So you get more energy in the morning
9. What are you going to be when you grow up? Lots of things; a doctor, a vet
10. What does a police man do? Catch robbers
11. Where does babies come from? Tummies
12. Have I been a baby? *Nodding*
13. Which are your favourite clothes? My red dress
14. What would you like Santa to bring? Lots of presents
15. Where does Santa live? North Pole
16. Who is your best friends? Ben, Gemma and Jamie, Hannah and Oliver and Luca
17. Which is the most beautiful word you know? Beautiful
18. What are you good at? Everything, like riding my bike without training wheels
19. When does mummy and daddy get angry with you? When I do naughty stuff, like hit people and punch people
20. What are you going to do now? Sleep and have a story

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