Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sparse Taupo reports

Last year we got lots and lots of reports from the gang down in Taupo from the whole week leading up to the race, and the race itself of course.
This year the reports have been a lot more... sporadic...

Actually, all we've got has been short texts about the cold (?) weather, the rain, the achy knees, the saddle sore etc...
The group of riders was a bit decimated this year too, since the other boys here from Brunei couldn't get down because of the suspended AKL route; Mike had a bad bike accident last week that left him with a few fractures on his wrist and eye socket and finally Granddad hasn't been able to train because of changing jobs.
So it was down to only Will and Nathan.

Anyway - today was Race Day! Here are some of Granddads pictures:

Time this year: 5h14. A great effort considering the gusting wind and tough conditions. Well done boys!

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