Sunday, 20 November 2011

A picture paints a thousand words

We went straight from International Week at school to Book Week last week, busy, busy! The theme for this year was "A picture paints a thousand words", and Book Week this year concentrated on visual literacy and visual techniques to enhance the students' understanding on literature. The school had invited two authors to come, Sonia Leong (a manga illustrator) for the older children, and Liz Million - for the Junior School.

It was lovely to have an author this time, that was actually age appropriate for our kids! Well, turned out she charmed the whole of Junior School - she did a special assembly on Wednesday morning, and after that the kids were in awe and could talk of nothing but Ms Million for the rest of the week!
Us parents were lucky enough to get invited along to the session she had with the Year 1s on Thursday morning. It was great fun, we all loved it both children and adults. Not only is she a very talented lady, but also very entertaining!

We got to listen to how a book is made, how the ideas start about the illustrations and about the whole work process.

She taught us how to draw a naughty lion:

She also told us about her book "The not-so-silly sausage", that we now have to buy, of course! The kids couldn't stop giggling when she read it out in the Spanish version!

We did buy the only book she had for sale, "Digger", for both kids... Well, she signed them, and it's nice for them to have their own book by each author that visits JIS. They will have a lovely collection in a few years time!

Here's Linnea with Liz Million:

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