Friday, 26 November 2010

YC Christmas Party 2010

After I picked the kids up from school today we went straight to the Yacht Club, to get a good table at the Christmas Party!
As it turns out, I didn't spend much time at that table, as I was busy keeping an eye on the two little rascals...

I must say, it was organized perfectly (we've been once before and they tend to stick to the same programthough); with games according to year group, colouring-in activities and carol singing together with the choir - but (there's always a but...) there was just too many people!
It was absolute madness and total chaos, out of the pure fact there was far too many people there!
I guess they say no to no one, but they just can't cater for so many people, there's not that much space! Gosh, it was so crowded, nearly a bit scary, when you couldn't get up or down the stairs at one point!

Well, the kids had a great time, and that's the main thing, really. Everybody was there, Santa arrived on a speed boat (only in Brunei!) and they got to see him and get some nice presents! (They got a cuddly Proboscis Monkey each, the same as we gave to their Danish friends last week when they left; both Lucas and Linnea have been onto me they wanted one too ever since.)

Here are the photos:

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