Thursday, 25 November 2010

Report from Gran Dad

I've got permission to publish the story of another guest blogger - Gran Dad!
All the boys are having a great time at the moment down in NZ, gearing up for Saturday's big race. Here's a taster of what they are up to, from yesterday:

"Day one. Will arrived today so we set out on a 44 mile ride up too the highest point on the ride. Bit demoralizing as several of the 8 timers passed us going up the road!!! One guy, an American, only had sandals on. Nathan commented that he was going to do the Jesus thing and walk across the Lake at some point.
When we got back Colin had arrived so we assembled his bike and Yvonne cooked a huge roast; as Colin doesn't eat meat we had a huge dinner of mussels, scallops and roast pork.

Our photographer needs lots of prodding and reminding to get the camera out. Perhaps Bruce's wife will be better!

Big day tomorrow, we have more bike tuning to do at Craig's bike shop and a ride down over the Hatepe Hill.

Great weather here.
Cheers from the cycle capital of the world.

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