Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Monkey business

(This little story might only be funny for people who know Brunei, but I'll tell it anyway.)

The other day on the way to school we passed a little troupe of monkeys on the side of the road, something that happens every now and then here.

Lucas looked at them and gasped:
- "Oh no Mummy, they must have escaped from Monkey-SupaSave"!


Well, as I might have written about before, we have two SupaSave supermarkets here and behind the one that I go to the most, live a big troupe of monkeys up in the jungle. They often come down to the parking lot to find rubbish or get fed, or even steal food out of trolleys sometime!

Whenever we've had visitors, we've actually taken them to the supermarket parking lot just to show them the monkeys close up, as they are always there!
I guess Lucas thought that was their natural habitat! :)