Sunday, 7 November 2010

One person's junk, another person's tresasure

I continually clear out at home, and put things aside in a special cupboard of mine. Clothes that the kids don't fit anymore, toys they don't play with, things I don't use etc. Every now and then there will be occasions where you can get rid of some of these things - today was such an occasion.
It was Football Funday at JIS, the biggest football tournament in Brunei. It's growing every year because during the 5-6 hours the kids are busy playing, the parents need something to do! So there was a lot of things going on at JIS today, and I took part in the car boot sale!

Anne and I loaded up Nathan's truck and off we went at 7 o'clock this morning (ouch, on a Sunday...). Set up next to Jane and Tash:

It was ok at first, but as soon as the sun got out from behind the clouds, it got baking hot! Anne fit right in:

We spend three hours there, and actually managed to sell most of our things. Obviously, Anne and Jane were a lot cheaper than me since they are both leaving the country and just wanted to get rid of their things; and I'd admit I had priced my things a bit high maybe. But still, as long as you have enough things to sell, you collect a bit of cash - even if you sell it cheap, because everything goes. I was more than happy with what I took home today, so it was a good morning.

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