Sunday, 14 November 2010

The White Tie & Tiara Ball

Yesterday was the night of another greatly anticipated event here in Brunei - 'The White Tie and Tiara Ball'. It was organized by four ladies, as a charity ball where all the donations went to Cancer Research. All inspired by the famous celebrity 'W T&T Ball' held by Elton John every year.

It was a fab evening, with a champagne welcome to the live music from a string trio and a three-course meal accompanied by a one-man-band; a big prize raffle, an auction with many different lots and later in the evening a disco.

Here we are ready to go:

The dress code was white tie & tails for the gents, and tiara and ball gown for the ladies - but as far as we saw, Nathan was the only one actually wearing the proper attire! He looked totally dashing in his tails!
None of his suits actually fit him anymore (they're all too big!), and since we were going to have a new one made anyway we thought, tails and suit was sort of the same price, so why not go all in?

I had a new dress too, made in this gorgeous white french lace material (unfortunately the photos doesn't show just how sparkly it actually is!); and I had got new shoes. I had even got a little tiara and to make it really come to it's right, Nicole and I went to have our hair done in the afternoon.

I must say - I don't think I've felt this beautiful since the day I got married..! Maybe it was the white dress, or the tiara, I don't know - but I felt really pretty. Before we left Linnea told me:
-"Mummy... *big sigh*... oh, you look like a p-r-i-n-c-e-s-s!"
Best compliment ever!

I didn't get around to snap many photos for some reason, but here are some of the ladies:

And some of the gents:

On our table:

The auction in full swing:

The RBA Station Manager for Perth, Leanne, had come up for the night; and all in the name of Cancer Research, and to raise even more money, she had all her hair cut off! Brave lady!

Paula and me:

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Cissi said...

wow! ni är verkligen superfina! Du ser ut som en riktigt prinsessa så jag håller med L :)