Wednesday, 3 November 2010


In a couple of weeks time we are going to a big charity event here in Brunei, a 'White Tie & Tiara Ball'. It's very exciting since it's been a while since we dressed up - without it having to be dress-up, ha ha!
I'm really looking forward to glamming up!

I got some lovely material last week and it's currently at the tailors getting made into a (hopefully) stunning dress. I've got the tiara and the other accessorizes sorted and the other day we went to sort out Nathan's outfit.
Since he's lost so much weight because of his biking, none of his suits fit him nicely anymore. So we decided to go all-in! Here we are at the tailors picking out material for his getup:

It's the first time he's having something made out here so it'll be very exciting to see how it turns out. I'm sure he's going to be really handsome.

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