Thursday, 18 November 2010

På gensyn

Tonight there was yet another farewell dinner, for my Danish friend Anne. Their departure has come around so fast, they've already vacated their house and now they are leaving already this Sunday!

Tonight a few of us girls got together to enjoy a sushi dinner, and we had also got Anne some gifts to bring along, to remind her of Brunei and of us.

She got a couple of small Brunei paintings, of the Bandar mosque and the water village; she got an Arabic phrase book to help her settle in Dubai and we all signed a book about Brunei for her, instead of a card.
Here's Anne with her gifts:

She also got a nice photo frame, with this photo (below) of us all in it already that I had just taken earlier when we first sat down at the table - I worked a little bit of magic on that one! (No one got how I made that happen! Rather funny!)


It's sad to see them go, more than anything for the kids. It breaks my heart to see them so sad, especially Lucas, it's really hitting him hard to have his best friend leave. Yesterday he told our neighbour that "He'll never be happy again!".
I'm confident though that our paths will cross again some day somewhere. If not back in Denmark or Sweden in the summer time, we will definitely stop over in Dubai on the way to or from Europe at some stage.
So I don't say goodbye this time, I say "På gensyn!" (Danish, = see you again)

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Anne C. Dehli said...

Tak søde Boel, det var en hyggelig aften, men trist at sige farvel. Glæder mig til at se jer igen.