Friday, 5 November 2010

International Day 2010

Today was the highlight of this very internationally themed week, and maybe the highlight of the year for many as it is a great day - International Day.

It was our 4th International Day so we've done it all before. I enjoy it immensely every year all the same.
The parade this morning (with 20 classes!) was amazing as always - and afterward I was one of the parents who helped out in the Kindy playground, putting on a display of Sweden (well, basically just the same things as I've displayed every year...) for the youngest children to come and "visit".
This year, it wasn't too many countries and the kids had a great time visiting France, India, England, Scotland, Spain, USA, Germany, Brunei, China, Australia and Sweden. Well, they just want the food..! (I had chocolate balls this year but was surprised they didn't go with any great speed, not like the Ahlgren's Bilar from last year!)
We received the Nursery, Kindy and Reception kids.

The kids in the bigger classes, Y1-Y5 did a different thing this year. They traveled around the world in their classrooms, where each classroom had been transformed to a different country for the day; and they spent half an hour in each room (four each) with a bit more of information and some activities.
Lucas had been to Germany, Australia and Morocco when I caught up with him in the NZ room that Tash was hosting. He was busy making a kiwi and it seemed like he had had a great time!

Here are this year's pictures:

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