Friday, 6 November 2009

International Day 2009

Today was one of the biggest days of the year at school - International Day. Both the kids and I have looked forward to this for a while, they were keen to get into their costumes, and celebrate.
Lucas wore his viking outfit again, it still fit, but next year we will have to come up with something different. Maybe I should dress him up as Björn Borg..?
Linnea had a new dress made for this year, a sort of copy of the Sverigedräkten (=the Swedish National dress), she looked very pretty.

As usual, the day kicked off with a parade for all the classes (16!) in Junior School. Class by class, they got up on stage and introduced their class and all the different nationalities. It's always so fantastic take part in this, the field is full of parent paparazzis!
I'm amazed at both how patient the kids waiting for their turn are, and how brave the kids on stage are! Not to forget all the different costumes!
The parade is so colourful and really interesting to watch. Many parents make such an effort with their kids costumes, and I especially enjoy those who have been thinking a bit outside the box - although, they are all beautiful!

After the parade, Nursery, Kindy and Reception came to do the "trip-around-the-world", as previous years. This year we had 15 different tables, it was a great spread!
The kids got to smell incense from the Gulf, listen to music from Colombia, have an English tea party, play with Danish Lego, receive Chinese spinning drums, watch Irish rugby and taste Swedish Ahlgrens bilar - amongst many other things!
Of course, the kids didn't really pay much attention to the fab displays, they went straight for the goodies and cookies! But the parents enjoyed it just as much, and we all had a fab morning!

Here is a rather big slide show from this morning, enjoy!

If you are interested, you can see the 2007 International Day photos here, and the ones from 2008 here.


Nikki White said...

The kids looked great! Lucas looked like a cool viking without his two front teeth! Linnea was very pretty!

heffamamman said...

Vilken häftig dag! Jag saknar ibland tiden på den Internationella skolan i Holland. Just mångfalden av olika kulturer och allt spännande som barnen fick uppleva där. Men själva undervisningen i skolan är nog mångfalt bättre här i Finland. Tänk om man ändå kunde plocka ihop det bästa av två världar.

Heffaklumpen satt i min famn och kollade bilderna i sliden. Han gillade speciellt bilden av Linnea där hon smakade på nånting vid ett av borden. Då blev Heffa helt till sig och sade "Nammm!". Han är ganska matfixerad vår lilla buse. ;-) Ha en fin helg! Miloukram

Dosiss said...

Vilka härliga och roliga bilder!!!!