Saturday, 14 November 2009

The mermaid's dream

One of Linnea's little friends goes to ballet not at school, as Linnea, but at one of the ballet schools in town. Tonight they were having a big showcase concert, and her mother arranged some tickets for us to see the show - "Ballet & Beyond - The mermaid's dream".

It was geared up to be a fantastic night, at the Empire none the less, and with lots of performances from all different age groups. Both the kids and I were very excited!
Lucas and Judie's big brother Louis:

It was supposed to start at 7 pm, by which time they hadn't even opened the doors to the concert hall yet..! It got started about 7.40 pm, only with a short bit of dancing followed by a looong awards ceremony for their students, that took nearly an hour!!!
By this time, the kids had already had more than enough of sitting still, and no dancing (=no Judie!) even though I had bribed them with popcorn and everything!

We did stay on for a little while longer, just enough to see (unfortunately only the first of her two) Judie's performance, and then we just had to go. I thought they would stick out a bit longer, but to be honest, the show (and foremost the award bit) was neither well planned nor well executed. It did have a lot of 'dead' time and some confusion - so both the kids fell asleep on me...

Judie is 6th from the left:

I think it's a real shame they planned a beautiful event like this, what could've really been something the whole family could've enjoyed, so late in the evening. They should've scheduled it for 4 pm, that would've been perfect, it's a Saturday after all, no one is working.
Also, I felt for the little ballerinas - some were only 3 years old! Staying up so late... trying to perform... Bless them!

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