Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Wiped out

So, Halloween is over for this year and all the decorations have now been packed away. We won't be decorating for Christmas until we get back from NZ, so we have a couple of weeks now of just "normal".

Anna and I had a lovely day in Singapore on Monday, as usual. Singapore is always fab! It's so nice to get over there, experience some civilization and buzzing life around town. We did the Embassy-thing for Anna's passport, shopping around town, had nice lunch and a couple of coffee breaks - and, we were happy to discover that Ikea had indeed already brought out their Christmas stuff! Apart from lots of Christmas goodies we have also now stocked up on tea lights, napkins, Ahlgrens Bilar and other necessities, of course!

Yesterday was the Halloween Hash, and we had a run in the dark, down at one of the beaches. It was rather scary to come out when it was totally black, I was glad I had my torch! It was a good run but Nicole and I didn't stay for the on on - instead we went back to hers for a lamb shank-and-profiterolles dinner that was waiting for us... Mmmmmm!

Today I went to Lucas' class in school, to talk a bit about Sweden (since it's International Week). I made it easy for myself, and read the book "Svea's Sweden" that I had got from the Embassy on Monday. I thought that was a good way of keeping it on a 5-year old's level. Lucas really enjoyed me being there, and I enjoyed taking part in their work, as usual.

The rest of the day I've been totally wiped out and in bed. I've had horrific stomach pains and cramps every time I've tried to eat something. I've experienced this before, maybe I'm over sensitive to something? I'll start noting down what I eat, to see if I can trace a pattern. It seems to have calmed down now though, thank God.

Tomorrow there is no school. It was decided on Tuesday to make this Thursday "Teacher's Day"... thanks for the heads-up! Well, it's no big deal, more time to catch up on some home work, get ready for International Day and have a play date or two! Rather nice!

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