Thursday, 19 November 2009

The sensitive one

Grandma and Granddad's dog Kiwi died a few months back, and we hadn't told the kids about it yet. We wanted to wait until just before we went down, so it was a bit more fresh in their minds and maybe there wouldn't be so many questions for Grandma and Granddad like that. It was of course very sad and very hard for them, to say goodbye to such an old friend.

So today at dinnertime we told the kids that Kiwi-dog wont be there this time, because he had gone very, very old and had gone for a very long sleep.
Lucas immediately put two and two together and asked if he was dead, and if someone had buried him. Then he put his head in his hands and mumbled:
-"But he was so soft... I will miss him very much... He was so soft on his head..." very slowly and with a sad voice. No tears, just a very sad voice. He is such a sensitive little soul.

Linnea on the other hand exclaimed:
-"I won't!"

She receives sad news a bit more on the light side.

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Cissi said...

vad sorgligt! precis samma reaktion skulle jag ha fått hos mina barn. Tänk vad olika de kan vara.