Monday, 30 November 2009

To travel in style

When you live in the tropics, your wardrobe only consists of one type of clothes - one layer-as little as possible while still being decent-kind of clothes. We very rarely wear anything else than shorts/cropped trousers and t-shirts.
It's really only if we know we are going anywhere with a crazy cold A/C system, like to the movies or the Mall, we put on jeans and maybe even a cardigan.

And of course, when we are flying!
So, the kids actually call our long trousers and long-sleeved shirts their "airplane clothes". We all have special outfits we wear on our travels, as we have to be presentably dressed.
When we got ready for our NZ flight last week and Lucas saw Daddy put on his tie, he ran into his room to get his tie, cause he wanted to look the same! Bless him, it's just that his only tie is the one I got him for his first Christmas... five years ago... (We have now got him a new one, in the right size!)

He did look handsome though!

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