Monday, 16 November 2009

Who walked who?

Phew, I've just come back from my the first walk with our dogs!
I know, it's awful it's taken this long to get them out. To be honest though, our two dogs doesn't really need the walking to keep fit. They run around, race and play with each other in our big yard and are very healthy looking dogs.
But, since they keep breaking out we thought if we walk them they would not only be more tired out, but also get their curiousity stilled a bit by getting to sniff around the neighbourhood.

So, after having bought two very sturdy training leads, I took them out at the back of our house, along some local gravel roads for a bit this afternoon. They both seemed to like it a lot! Jay pulled the hardest with full steam ahead but poor Mocha kept getting tangled up because he wasn't walking straight.
I guess we will be doing this a bit from now on. Although at one stage I was really wondering who was walking who..!

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