Friday, 26 November 2010

Under construction

It feels like our life is really in "under-construction-mode" at the moment. Not only are we literally living in the middle of this major construction project behind our house - the noisy work on the road behind our house continues... E v e r y day, 7 in the morning until 7 at night, sometimes even longer... It is driving me absolutely insane, but what to do lah...

But if that wasn't enough, school as well is one big building site, and has been for quite a while. It seems to just get worse and worse though!
They are building a new Art Center and also now since after the summer holidays, a new 6th Form building. It's causing quite some disruption at school, especially when it comes to the parking situation.

This week was the first week we started to use the new entrance to the school, and so far... well, it's chaos more or less. They have many people on hand to help direct the traffic, but there is just such an overload of cars especially at drop-off in the morning, it's just overflowing.
I guess you'll have to remember the big picture, and that there is thought behind it all - once it's ALL finished, it'll be superb. But, that's a long way away still...

This is the queue we had to join when we arrived this morning:

And this is not even IN school yet, this is the line to get to drive into school... Then you have to struggle to find a park, or even maneuver your car around in the new drive ways... *Sigh*
It's all fun and games! I can't wait until it's all finished!

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Jason said...

Maybe some people should carpool? I used to when I went to ISB.