Wednesday, 10 November 2010

That 2...

It's been quite a while now we've been trying to get Linnea to sleep in her own bed, all night through. She keeps coming in to ours nearly every night in the middle of the night, and usually we just keep carry her back, over and over again...
Lately we've tried something new, we've told her that she is allowed to come and have a cuddle, but only after 5 o'clock. She has got her own clock in her room, and it's kind of been working ok.

The other night she came in, and it was only just 2 o'clock. We told her to come back at 5, and she said "But it is 5!". "No, it's 2, go to bed, come back later". So off she went only to return again half an hour later. I told Nathan "Poor thing, maybe she can't really make the difference between 2 and 5, they do look a bit alike, only mirrored?".
Well, turns out she can, because apparently she had grunted in his ear:

- "I hate that 2, it's SO annoying!"

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