Monday, 1 November 2010

The International Restaurant

International Week is over us again and we kicked it off today with getting invited to visit the 'Year 2 International Restaurant'. (Yes, this mamarazzi gets to work hard these days!! So much going on all the time and so many photos to show you guys..!)

Lucas had been excited about this all weekend and could hardly wait until Monday. He had picked out and planned his outfit himself, and knew exactly how he wanted to be dressed as he was a waiter.
We all had been asked to bring a plate of food from our home country to be served in the restaurant, and were invited for 11.00 for lunch.

It was absolutely brilliant! They had all put so much effort into this project of theirs, decorating the tables and restaurant area; making menues etc. They were all super excited to see all of us parents there this morning, it was lovely!

First you got met and greeted, and asked how many people you needed a table for:

Then we got sat at beautifully decorated tables, and got served drinks. Here you can see a bit of the very extensive menu:

And then of course, the waiters came and took your order:

We got to try many different things, it was fab! Food from all over the world, and so much of it! Here are some of the "chefs" that helped serving it up for the waiters:

More food:


It was really busy at the 'restaurant', nearly full - many guests today!

Chef Guilliamo with my Swedish Meatballs:

Here's our personal waiter, taking a break:

Of course, as soon as you had finished your meal, someone was appointed to clear the table too! Luckily no one never came with a bill though! ;)
Really well done Year Two!

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