Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wild, Wild West - Founders Day 2010

Last night was the yearly big bash at the hash - Founders Day. I've participated in two great Founders Days since I've been a member, the first year the theme was "Hashing in the year 2100" and last year "Hash Mardi Gras".
This year, it was "Wild, Wild West"!

We had a brilliant night!
It was a great theme, lots of fabulous costumes and the committee had put in a lot of effort in decorating the venue (our neighbour's house, nice and close!). It was such an enjoyable night!
There was a bar, games to play and even a jail - where you ended up if you were naughty!
We had lots of fantastic food in the theme of the Wild West and of course got Hash gifts, this year a sports bag and a towel.

Nicole, Misuzu and I won one of the special awards, for "Most Cultural Hash of 2010" - for our Japanese hash! What a nice surprise! I also managed to get a shared win in "Best Costume" which made me really happy of course!

Here are a slide show of our adventures last night:

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