Friday, 26 November 2010

A taste of the longhaul life

As you have figured out by now, the Watson family are apart at the moment - the kids and I are still here in Brunei doing our normal stuff, but Nathan has spent this week in NZ, training for the big Lake Taupo Race tomorrow.

So, that means I've been experiencing a bit how life is for my friends who have husbands who do the longhaul flying, and are away weeks at a time.
It's no fun.

It's not the "doing-everything-myself" that tires me out. I do that mostly anyway, I like being in control..! I don't mind that, I keep just as busy as always, if not even more, and time flies. (Even though I do many,many things that noone ever notices, and how I hate spending all those kilometers/hours in the car every day driving here and there...)

It's the being alone part. It's boring.

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