Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Horrid hash

Anna and I were in charge of tonight's hash. We went in this afternoon to lay it, and we laid a pretty straight forward hash, not very long and with easy checks. Just when we came out of the jungle though, it started to rain... We went home to get changed and get the food we were putting on, and when we got back to site - it wasn't raining any more, it was POURING! :(

Not many people had shown up in the first place, and not many of the ones there had actually gone in... Also, the ones going in came out pretty quickly again, as they couldn't see anything in the jungle; with the total downpour it was black in there.
In the end, there was seven brave ones left, and Anna and I were getting ready to go in and lead them out - but fortunately, them too had decided to turn around when they couldn't find second check, phew!

It was rather sad because of course most people left straight away, they were wet and cold and didn't feel like staying - which was understandable.
Anna and I had cooked tomato soup for about 50 people though... so there was plenty to go around for the 10-12 hashers that stayed for the on-on! At least, they LOVED it! Tomato soup coming up:

Unfortunately where they had put the tent, it was just one big mud hole... I got just as dirty again afterward as I'd got laying the hash! Ha ha!

Well, the one positive thing with tonight is that we will be able to recycle this run again in the new year! No one went all the way around, and even the few hashers that did go in, will not recognize themselves in the light! We will lay it again, for sure!

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