Sunday, 28 November 2010

Meanwhile in the Abode...

While Daddy is in NZ whizzing around on his bike, life keeps rolling on back home in the Abode as well, and not in any slow speed might I add... Again I just have to say, November is always busy, but these past two weeks have felt hysterical!

This weekend, we had the Christmas Party Friday afternoon, then I was invited to the neighbours to participate in a blessing of their house; Saturday Linnea and I did our haircut and Lucas had a playdate, straight from that to a Farewell pool-party, this one for our other (Malaysian) neighbours, at a hotel and in the evening I went to a Goodbye-Cocktail for a friend of mine who's off in a few weeks...
Today we went to karate, but it was canceled, so instead we spent quite a few hours at the Yacht Club, actually relaxing (!) before we went to the movies this afternoon.

You see, Lucas' class are going to the movies on Friday as a treat for the end of term. (Brave teachers taking three classes of 6-7 year olds into the Mall..!) Obviously Lucas will miss that, so we went to see the movie they are going to today instead: 'Rapunzel, a tangled tale' in 3D. It was lovely, a true Disney saga!

A great weekend - but we sure look forward to Daddy coming home tomorrow!

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