Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Our simpang hash!

Today was the day, ALL our hard efforts were going to pay off! Today was the day of our simpang hash!
We went out in the scorching midday sun to lay it earlier, and it took us over 2 hours... It was hard work in that heat, and I'm glad Nicole had remembered to bring a 100plus, because I really needed that halfway through. It was so hot!

Here's our run, the red marker is our simpang and we laid the hash on the other side of our big road, Jln Muara. It actually started and finished at the same spot, the green marker.

It felt so good when it was laid, finally - and then, we could just wait...
While we set up the tent and got everything ready for the on-on, the rain came and our thoughts went to all the poor hashers who had set off and were now trekking through the jungle in this thunderstorm... Luckily it stopped nearly as quickly as it started, and when they got out of the jungle, it was dry again.

It took the front runners an hour, just as we had estimated, and the last people were out after about 1h40, so we were pleased! No one got lost, and no one got hurt!

The on-on was a roaring success! We got complimented for our Japanese style outfits we had had made, for the yummy punch we served, for the chopsticks in our hair and last, but not least, for the food we put on: Japanese Buffet.
Of course, Misuzu had organized most of it, but at least Nicole and I could take credit for some of the cakes... :)

Here we are getting our down-down, as hares:

On your head!

We had sushi, both salmon and vegetarian; gyozas, both pork and vegetarian; chicken birds nests, spring rolls, Japanese curry, chocolate cake, carrot cake and Hello Kitty shortbread! A true feast!

Great job girls! We rock!

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