Monday, 31 May 2010

♥ IKEA ♥

I vividly remember being a child and having to go to IKEA with my parents. There was absolutely nothing worse! I hated it! With a vengeance!

Now, it's a very different story - I was so giddy and happy all morning Saturday, and when we got there I just got this homely, familiar feeling. It smells so good in IKEA, and it looks just like it does back home. IKEA rules!

We had decided to take our time, and we had set aside most of the Saturday actually to do IKEA. We all had different things on our shopping lists and spent quite a lot of time walking around, thinking, considering, measuring, making decisions...

Of course, there was also time for Swedish meatballs!

When we were done, we were really lucky Jason came to pick us up - because we had so much stuff! We had bought a glass lamp, Ribba shelves, photo frames, my Ulsberg side table (for my reading corner!), towels, a rug, bed sheets, lamp feet, plastic boxes, a bread box, tea lights, a step stool, a lamp shade, cushions (yup, that was me!), cushion covers, a wooden train set, a kids' Lömsk armchair and many other things...

We managed to get it all into his car, then it was up to us to get it all in our suitcases and onto the plane..! (Which we did, of course! We're professional packers!)


James Chiew said...

where is the ikea shop in brunei??can you send me the address??

MrsW said...

James - there is no IKEA store in Brunei! This post was from Singapore!

There are though (as far as I know) three places that sells IKEA stuff here in Brunei:

- The Economy Mart shop in Delima (close to the airport), they sell small stuff. Candles, vases etc.

- The Economy Mart WWShop at the big roundabout in Kiulap, opposite the mosque. They sell IKEA porcelain, mugs, plates etc.

And the best place:

- Growing Star, in Beribi - just opposite the Beribi Supasave. They sell nearly only IKEA stuff, big stuff: furniture, shelves, sofas etc etc. They have quite a lot.
Also, they can help you order in things from SIN, although, it will cost you..! Can be done though, if there is something you desperately need. Good to know.

Anonymous said...

i've been searching for the contact and address of the Growing Star and can't seem to find it. Would appreciate if anyone can share?

Aqilah said...

Hi. I'm from Brunei. I agree Growing Star is the best place to shop for Ikea stuffs.

You can find Growing Star here :

it's located near PDS or now known as Seri Mulia Sarjana Muda School. Also near to the Gadong police station. If you need help, please add my facebook (: hope this help.

Angp1 said...

What sort of price would they charge to get goods shipped from ikea Singapore to brunei. How did you manage ALL that In Your suitcases

MrsW said...

Angp1 -
It was such a long time now since I brought our beds over from SIN, but I remember it wasn't too too expensive. We went through a shipping company.

Ah, packing suitcases... it's a skill! We got it all with us though, all of it! :)

Pamela said...

Hi there,

I will be moving to Brunei soon, and hope to meet you sometime :-) My husband is already there.

My husband's boss bought us some Ikea beds but we need to get some bedding. I was not sure how to do this, knowing that the nearest Ikea is in Singapore, so thanks for these posts!



Risma said...

Nice posting! ;) Will do some shopping at ikea singapore this coming weekend, but still confuse how to get the big stuffs delivered to brunei. Any advice for the shipping company? Thanks in advance.

PL said...

Any forwarding company can arrange to ship your stuff back. They charge by volume and it's door to door service, cheers