Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I'm sorry for the slow updates in here recently, but I have been a total write-off for the last few days. I'm very rarely sick, but when I am I go down completely.
I have hardly even had the computer on for the past couple of days, tonight I finally feel slightly better.

It all started with a big night on Saturday (and Nathan is very compassionately, *not*, thinking it's a three-day hangover...), with obviously a slow day on Sunday.
But then yesterday, the headache came back with a vengeance and lasted all through the night until today. It's been awful.
Today I managed to take the kids to school, but luckily Nathan didn't work until tonight, so I've spent the whole day horizontal! Every time I stood up, the whole room went blurry and I went dizzy - so I've just been in my bedroom which I've kept quiet, cold and dark.

I really hope I'm on the mend now. At least now I can stay upright, even though the headache is still slightly there.
Nothing has helped so far. I've tried immense amounts of water to rehydrate myself, yes even Nathan's sports-rehydrate stuff! I've munched on Panodol non-stop and I've surely got enough sleep.
Let's hope tomorrow will be a better day!

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