Monday, 31 May 2010

Great fun

We are very pleased with the kids' school, and with the teachers they have had and are having. Linnea this year f.e, is having a great introduction to "proper" school. She has had a super fun year with Mrs Moran in the Kindy Panda class.
They do so many fantastic activities and so many things are happening every day - the kids have a blast!
When we come and pick them up, there is always a little note outside the class room that tells us what they have been up to - on Friday it covered two pages! :)

They also display all the photos from all the different excursions and different special happenings, for us parents to see. Here are the board of photos from the Policemens' visit, Linnea is in the left photo in the middle, trying out the helmet:

Some of the bikes, from their biking activity on Friday:

It's getting really exciting now, with only weeks to go of this school year (this week is Midterm holidays, and then only five more weeks!) - to see in which classes and with whom they will end up, and which teachers they will get for next year..!

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