Thursday, 27 May 2010

The chop

Those of you who know me in real life, know that I'm not very adventurous with my hairstyle. I've kind of had the same length, style and colour to my hair, for the last 25 years! Just blond, straight down and longish (only with some strange colouring experiments in my late teens...).
It's just a few times I've actually tried something different, and I mean FEW times:

* I had a short bob once - 13 years ago.
* I had it layered a bit, with a side-swipe fringe - 7 years ago.
* I had it toned dark brown for a very short period - 5 years ago.

So, maybe it was well due time, for this:

Truth is, I've been wanting to cut it off and create some sort of style for quite a while. Probably for nearly a year, at least! But every time I've been to see Jacky, my hairdresser, I've wimped out and asked her "just take a little bit off the ends, please"... Today was the day though, and it feels so good!

This was before:

And here is some more after:


Cissi said...

Jättefint!!! Funderar själv på att klippa lite lugg nästa gång ;)

eastcoastmom said...

Coolt! Btw, ungefär samma frisyr som jag har sedan nästan 2 år... hade också längre förut, men tröttnade. Det känns bra att ha en frisyr nu. Nästan sofistikerat.

TinTin said...

Supersnyggt! Verkligen!

Dosiss said...

Snygging där, du blev kanonfin!!!