Saturday, 22 May 2010

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

The girls and I have had a busy, busy week. With one week to go to the Singapore 10k we have spent every free afternoon training for the run - NOT!!! We've actually spent every afternoon in the jungle, doing rekkie for our hash on Tuesday!

We started out with weeks to go, and did our first rekkie. As you might remember, we had trouble finding the out-trail and had to turn back the same way we came in.

On Monday we got help from some far more experienced hashers who took us around the trail to show us the way out. Only problem was at the end of the trail there is a huge water reservoir you have to pass somehow. Normally you can cross it without getting wet at all, the water is rarely very high. But considering we are in the middle of a rain period there was quite a bit of water, and not many choices on how to get across... Hardcore hashers as we are, we chose to go through it, of course, who's bothered about getting a bit wet?
It was all well and good for a few meters of knee-deep water, until suddently we fell down into water so deep we couldn't touch the bottom! We had to swim across for a little bit, to get over to the other side! Oh dear... We could just see this go wrong in every way for our ladies on Tuesday if we were going to lead them through there...

Now we were starting to get a bit stressed, especially since as I said we are in a rainy period, so it pours down (and when I say pours, I mean pours-so-much-the-roads-get-flooded-and-disappear-and-the-drains-get-overfull...) every afternoon. We just had to get out there and rekkie again, come rain or shine, to find another out-trail. So on Thursday afternoon we did, in full on lightning and thunder and worst thundershower you could imagine... Well, you gotta do what you gotta do...
We had been told there was a way to bypass the water reservoir by going on the side of it. We cleverly thought we should go in on reverse to find it, as we knew more or less where it was, but we had to admit defeat. The rain was just too heavy and we could neither see or do anything that afternoon.

So, take four: yesterday morning Nicole and I tried again. The men had done their hash around the same area this week, and we thought their paper were going to help us... In fact it just confused us even more as of course we managed to stumble upon one of their checks without knowing it, and got totally lost... Failure, again.

Finally yesterday afternoon, we managed to get it all right! It took us a fair while, and we felt rather disheartened at many stages when we had trouble finding the right trail, stumbling back and forth in the jungle. It felt like a proper jungle expedition - thank god for the GPS (on my Garmin watch) though!

But, we got it, and it's going to be a great hash on Tuesday! (*Phew*)
On on!

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