Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Birthday party fun

As usual, we had a birthday party on the weekend. These last few weeks there is at least one every weekend..!
On Saturday we went to a, for me, new place though - the pool at the Riverview Hotel. It was great! A lovely big pool, all of Linnea's little friends and lots of toys to play with, the had a whale of a time:

(Photographer: Katherine Kyle)

The cake looked great, with a really special Transformer cake topper. You see, Eoin had wished for a Bumblebee Transformer for his birthday, and his kind mother had ordered one from the UK - only to discover that the one she had got didn't transform!
So presto, instead it went on the cake, as a fantastic cake topper (and she got help to superspeedy order in another - transforming - Bumblebee for Eoin...):

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Dosiss said...

A Bumblebee that didn't transform? It's like having a Barbie that doesn't bend the knees, uuhh.