Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Poll closed!

My first poll is now closed and we have a winner!

Ha ha, it's been rather amusing to follow the votes, and I'm pleased that over 30 people took their time to get involved in my reading corner dilemma!
Thank you!

I have to admit, that my own choice at first was indeed the white table. (Maybe mostly because I can actually get that in the shop here, and wouldn't have had to wait for it...)
But... I must say, the black table has grown on me and I can see it will be great, matching the photo frames and the black lanterns; and being slightly more sturdy next to the chair which is quite big.
Nathan is still not convinced, but if he hasn't come up with a better option by the end of this month - I'll get this table when I go to Singapore! Only three weeks away, yay!

1 comment:

Katarina på Filippinerna said...

OK. Låt se vilket bord ni kommer hem med efter IKEA besöket i Singapore :)